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I just decided that I would post on this community, for no other reason than I was looking at it and enjoying quite thoroughly all of our interests.

"No!" said the greenery, is perhaps my favourite.

I love you guys. :D
working hard

breaking out the cleavage!

I suggested this in a comment to Matthew's entry, but thought I'd put it out here.

As for Christmas, and gift-getting, and moneys... what if we just all pooled money together to go in on a gift for each of us. Like, for Katie, whoever wants can put in whatever amount they can to contribute to getting her a good gift together. And the same for Matthew, etc etc. And it could make the brainstorming for ideas easier?

Just a suggestion. Thoughts? Would you be interested, or would rather not participate...

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I don't want to get the bus, Cara doesn't want to get the bus, and Danielle doesn't want to get the bus because she suggested it a few weeks ago and no one else wanted to.

Anyway, I'm not getting the bus because I begged my dad for weeks to take us, and I'm not about to call him the night before the concert and be like "thanks but no thanks". Sorry.

So I am still going with my dad, and Matthew, you're welcome to come too, unless you want to get the bus by yourself. It's only about an hour's drive so it shouldn't be all that much for gas. Carolyn - is it okay if Danielle and Michelle go with you?

Dad is coming over here around nine. Um . . . gates open at twelve. I don't know exactly how early we should actually leave. We'll probably be gone by around ten?

OKAY. The lineup changed, uh, TODAY. WTF? Anyway, here's the new lineup -

Jason Greeley
Theresa Sokyrka
Kalan Porter
Jason McCoy
Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings

That's just weird. :\ Oh well! Hedley Hedley Hedley. And Theresa. And Kalan. And JASON OMG JASON I LOVE JASON. (McCoy. Duh.)

I don't know what time we're going to leave the concert. We shall discuss in the car, I guess?

Ummmm . . . come on guys, talk.
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Okay. Need to know - Matthew, are we still doing English together, and if so, which one? I don't even care, I have a schedule built around each one of the possible times, so it doesn't matter in the slightest. I'd just like to know so I definitely know my schedule. ♥

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Midnight, 16th July - which means if you need to ask for it off work, ask for the night of the 15th off. I think. *is SMRT and did not do this*

Who's going?
Where are we going?
Most importantly, what are people wearing?
poker face

I call your bluff!

Matthew so cheated in the movie actor game... Hugh Jackman does not have a Wolverine movie in production... *glares* Well, at least not according to imdb.com
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